Solgenix LLC is an investment company with a primary focus on privately-held companies that install or sell solar energy systems. In particular, these systems generate electricity (photovoltaic) or hot water (thermal) from sunlight in order to serve residential or small commercial customers. The geographic focus of Solgenix is North America and Emerging Markets where Solgenix works with companies that apply only proven technologies. Through its program of active investment management, Solgenix supports the strategic, focused growth of such companies.

Solgenix sees the power of solar energy as a catalyst for favorable social, economic and political change. By helping others help themselves, Solgenix hopes to promote a sense of community through advocacy and enabling environments to create a single voice for local entrepreneurs. Through its support of entrepreneurs, Solgenix provides the means for increased creativity and innovations that will drive the future of renewable energy where it is most needed.

In addition, Solgenix’s portfolio includes investments in select technology and Internet companies while maintaining a focus on the solar energy sector.

Solgenix was established in 2005 by Titus Brenninkmeijer and is based in Southern California, USA.

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