Founded in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and drawing on market experience since the mid-1980’s, Soluz Honduras sells small power generating systems-primarily solar electric (photovoltaic or PV)- for local rural and mostly off-grid areas.

Soluz Honduras has commercialized its solar energy systems through financed sales, unsubsidized fee-for-service and rental offerings. Since its start in 1993, the Company has installed close to 6.000 solar energy systems throughout Honduras.




Promethean Power Systems is a US company which is developing a solar-powered refrigeration system for commercial cold-storage applications in off-grid and partially electrified areas in emerging markets. Its refrigeration technology will enable food suppliers to store and preserve perishable foods such as dairy and produce without the need for expensive diesel-powered generators. The Company’s current focus is the dairy industry in India.



HST Solar

HST Solar is a provider of ground mount solar installations, SaaS (Software as a Service), and a provider of development and engineering services. HST Solar is based in Los Angeles, CA.


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