Solgenix has a number of strategic partnerships with companies in the renewable energy space. While these relationships are not financial in nature, they represent alliances driven by the shared goal of identifying like-minded companies as well as organizations and individuals who are already working successfully in the field, and leveraging their joint expertise in providing rural customers with access to energy.



Founded in 2005 in India, the Rural Energy Delivery Companies (REDCO) Alliance is comprised of leading entrepreneurs representing 13 enterprises from 13 countries. Dedicated to mutual support, joint initiatives and expanding service to rural areas by private rural energy delivery companies, the REDCO Alliance is primarily focused on solar energy. The key goal of the Alliance is to reach a combined 750,000 rural households with energy services by the year 2010, and to support a range of supporting initiatives to broaden access to energy.



The Energy Access Foundation is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to increased access to clean and renewable energy for underserved populations in emerging markets through rural energy enterprises. The main objectives of its programs are poverty alleviation, expanded economic development, and environmental protection.

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